Friendly Driver’s Education:  
Your Roadmap to Becoming a Confident, Safe Driver

 By Joey and Lisa Hajda

Learning to drive is much more than just knowing how to maneuver a car down the street. Friendly Driver’s Education begins by teaching your child the science of how a car works. The reader begins at the key and ignition switch continuing through the engine, transmission and eventually out the tailpipe.

Once your child has an understanding of how your car runs, safe operation of a vehicle comes next. Navigating intersections, traffic lights and tricky maneuvers such as roundabouts, one-way streets and entering or exiting interstate highways are explored. Driving through construction zones, around school buses or emergency vehicles is also discussed.

Friendly Driver’s Education also includes instructions for when your car breaks down or you have a minor collision. Car maintenance, automobile insurance and advice on purchasing a vehicle round out the course. Once completed, your teenager will be well prepared to take licensing exams and become that safe, confident driver you wish him or her to be.  

Great for single family use or with co-ops!

Table of Contents

1. Understanding What Makes Your Car Go: The Ignition Switch, Starter and Battery
2. The Fuel Tank, Engine and Brake System
3. The Transmission and Emergency Brake
4. The Steering, Cooling, Alternator and Exhaust Systems
5. The Lighting System
6. Preparing for the Written Exam
7. Your First Time Behind the Wheel
8. Starting the Engine and Making the First Drive
9. Navigating Intersections
10. Changing Lanes, Passing and Navigating Freeways
11. Navigating Challenging Driving Situations
12. Navigating Around School Buses and Emergency Vehicles
13. Factors Which Affect Safety While Driving
14. Brake and Road Conditions; Severe Weather Considerations
15. Taking the Performance Test
16. Car Maintenence: Checking Fluid Levels 1
17. Checking Fluid Levels 2, Managing Tires and Jump Starting a Dead Battery
18. Managing a Flat Tire and Dealing With a Minor Collision
19. Making Sense of Automotive Insurance
20. Purchasing Your Own Vehicle
21. Exiting Comments
     Answer Keys to Worksheets
275 pages, full color, soft cover, ISBN 9798420961759

Lesson Samples
Lesson 1 
Lesson 2  
Lesson 3 

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Disclaimer:  At this time, we cannot state that the content or completion of this book satisfies the classroom requirement to gain a learner’s permit in any state of the United States.

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 Joey and Lisa Hajda are the authors of the famed Friendly Sciences series of high school science curriculum.  They are the parents of ten children and 12 grandkids, all being (or soon to be) homeschooled.  Lisa has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education while Joey holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and a Doctorate Degree in Veterinary Medicine.  They reside in central Nebraska.  Click here to learn more about Friendly Sciences curriculum.

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